Cryptography Course TDA352/DIT250 - 7.5 credits

For official and updated material please refer to the course page on Canvas. This page collects the first draft of the course material (run in the fall 2022). I share the material with the intention that it serves as resource for:

If you re-use part of this material, I would appreciate you let me know it and in case that you mention/credit my work.


Literature for each lecture is contained on the first slide each file. These slides are for the pilot run of the course, so be aware of typos and imprecision (which you are welcome to kindly let me know about).

Module 1: Symmetric Key Cryptography

Module 2: Public Key Cryptography

Module 3: Cryptographic Protocols

Samples of Exams

About the Exam [important for students].

Example of an Exam with solutions.

Exam Jan 2023 with solutions.