My Teaching Ethics

I believe that the main factors for great learning outcomes are: trust in the teacher and engagement of the students. When interacting with students my philosophy is to do it all with enthusiasm, be available and remember that we are all learning from each other.

At Chalmers, I am teaching the Cryptography course (TDA352/DIT250) for students at Chalmers and Göteborg University. The course covers symmetric key cryptographic techniques (hash functions, block ciphers, MACs, AEAD); public key cryptography (RSA, ElGamal, Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, Digital Signatures); Cryptographic protocols (Signal, Commitment Schemes, Zero Knowledge proofs, Sigma Protocols).

Master Thesis

Are you genuinely interested in cryptographic primitives and their applications to the real world? Contact me for doing a master thesis on this topic! You can do it by dropping by my office, or send me an email. Remember to tell me why you are interested in cryptography, what topics attract you in particular, and what is your schedule for the thesis work. Side note: I prefer theoretical master thesis to implementation-intensive ones.

Previous Teaching Exeperince

During my time as Associate Senior Lecturer at Lund University, I taught the following courses.

FRISER (Frontiers in securitiy research)

7.5 credit PhD level course, run in spring 2021.

Advanced Web Security

7.5 credit Masters level course. I have been the main lecturer and examiner of this course between 2020 and 2022 (two instances). The course covers applied cryptography and its relation to odiern-applications such as electronic payments, blockchain technology, secure voting system, secure messaging.

Advanced Cryptography

7.5 credit Masters level course. I have lectured one module on cryptographic protocols in the spring of 2022. This collects some of the most amazing results in the area of multi-party computation and secure communications.