My research interests lie in the area of homomorphic cryptographic primitives, data authentication, and user privacy. I am particularly fascinated by cryptographic applications of mathematical objects and new construction that may derive from it.

I am actively working on: multi-key and homomorphic cryptosystems, signatures with advanced properties, private & compact digital storage solutions, verifiable computation, and privacy-preserving location proximity testing. Previously, I also worked on the Signal protocol, Biometric Authentication and Distance-Bounding Protocols. For further detail, check out the complete list of publications of mine with direct links to full-texts and recorded presentations or dblp, GoogleScholar.

Mind-Map-Overview of (most of) My Work

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Research Projects

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‘My’ PhD Students

I have the honor to mentor, co-supervise and do research with some very impressive Ph.D. candidates:

My Research Ethics

I believe that good research is a combination of real-world questions, innovative ideas, and fruitful collaborations. In the last period, I had the chance to work with several bright minds and inspiring researchers including Dario Fiore, Andrei Sabelfeld, Diego Aranha, Sophia Yakoubov, and Mathias Hall-Andersen.


Below I collect talks, research seminars, and popular presentations available on the web. Enjoy!

2022 - Speaker at CRYPTO for the Panel Discussion on Allyship and Inclusion

2022 - Invited Speaker at TII CRC Seminar Series On Progressive and Efficient Verification of Digital Signatures

2022 - Invited Speaker at Protocol Lab’s Extendable Threshold Ring Signatures

2021 - Speaker at the ‘Researchers’ Grand Prix’ in Helsingborg: watch my short talk on Security and Privacy in the Digital Era

2020 - Invited Speaker at ‘Framtidsveckan’: watch my short talk on contact tracing apps and their security dilemmas